"Health" road let the public fall in love with "zero carbon" travel

"Health" road let the public fall in love with "zero carbon" travel

    The autumn is cool, East Siubei Street, the public rides on a spacious non-motor lane. (Reporter Deng Wei) The survey data released by the Beijing Transportation Research Institute showed that many roads such as Xinjiekouwai Street, Sixth District of the city have exceeded 3,000 times. In order to create a smooth ride, walking environment, this city gives a "medical examination" of the city, all urban areas, through the innovation setting "limited speed area", broaden the non-motor vehicle lanes, etc., attract more and more citizens " Zero carbon "travel.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the total number of traffic committees in the bicycle lane, from 2020, the city borrowed from the London Health Street Evaluation System, Copenhagen Bicycle Index and other international advanced slow system evaluation system, with the discipline experience as the core, from order Management, facility level, usage effect, etc. At the same time, according to the "medical examination" results, the next year’s "treatment plan" is developed. In the 2020, the annual medical examination showed that in the international city, the mileage of Beijing slow traffic facilities, the total number of bicycle lanes is the first; the total number of travel days in the central city is 3619 million, the independent bicycle lane density is Kilitary / square kilometers, thousands of bicycle lane miles, home in the forefront. The core area, Shijing Mountain and urban center non-motor vehicle lane width is higher, with more than 80%, of which the core area of ??non-motor vehicle lane has the highest standard ratio, 83%; the core area trail width is the highest, 69%. According to the "Physical Examination Report", the city has formulated the "2021 Beijing Urban Slow System Quality Enhancement Action Work Plan". In terms of facilities, the road segment of the road is 12 meters or more, the non-motor vehicle path width is not enough, and the integrated rectification is made by adjusting the way, the compressed motor lane width, and the number of motor lanes is adjusted, and the width of non-motor vehicle lanes is guaranteed. At least meter, there is now a kilometer rectification. In the road segment of the key block, the pedestrian cover is laid in a section of less than 2 meters, and the trail pass space is expanded, and the city’s key sections have a total of 8985 of the tree cover.

  Wangfujing 9 alley is 30 kilometers to better enhance traffic order. Dongcheng District builds a speed limit area in Wangfujing area, and takes the lead in 九 同, Handsome Garden alley, coal residue alley, cypress hone, Gan Yuhu The alley has delineated 30 kilometers of speed limitations.

  East Siki, North Street, through the rectification of slow system, to ride, walk the "obstacle".

The reporter saw in Zhang Zizhong Road and East 40 crossed intersections. All kinds of boxes set in the past were invisible, and pedestrians can travel on the five meters wide trails. Wang Tao, deputy director of the Dongcheng District Management Committee, introduced that all kinds of rods visible from the sides of the East Sika, Peking Street were reduced to 268, and the box was eliminated from 707. 24 sets.

  Cycling is also guaranteed.

"The full-line motorway is compressed to about 3 meters, and more space is extruded for non-motor vehicles.

"The first-class director of the City Road Maintenance Management Center, introduced it, by adjusting some of the cross-channel channels, 4 vintage bus stops along the line, be converted into the" harbor "bus stop, for the bus, the bus is moving Space; in the intersection, add color paving, add bicycle sign in the whole line, set non-motor vehicle parking area, fast passband and pre-hospital transition zone, so that travel experience is more smooth, realize "Rhizocratory". Electric car law enforcement The amount was last year, since this year, the municipal traffic management department increased the law enforcement of motor vehicles, the illegal riding of electric bicycles The illegal riding law enforcement is a time in the same period last year. At the same time, through the equipment "empowerment", strengthening the electronic eye law enforcement, incorporating the non-field law enforcement equipment of the traffic control system increases by 25% from the same period last year.

  According to the investigation data, since this year, the main road of the city six districts has been 8:00 to 9 o’clock, the average routing amount is 1898 times / hour, which is increased from last year.

Among them, the early peak of the new street outside the street, Tiantan East Road, South Honeycomb, Zhao Deng Road, Right Anmen Inner Street, Xidan North Street, Dong San North Street and other roads have exceeded 3,000 times. (Reporter Sun Hongyang) (Original title: Multi-road early peak ride exceeded 3,000 times / hr "health" road to let the public fall in love with "zero carbon" travel).

"China Children’s Military Encyclopedia" debut of the 30th National Subscription Association

"China Children’s Military Encyclopedia" debut of the 30th National Subscription Association

"Chinese Children’s Military Encyclopedia".

Publishing House for map. PNG People’s Network Beijing July 15 (Liu Yingying) In life, almost many boys are full of enthusiasm for military.

Every little military is in the heart of a hero. In the long history of the long river, there are countless soldiers to gallop the sand field, which soldiers are they belong to, what kind of clothing, what weapons do wers, and what classic preparations have been performed? Recently, the "China Children’s Military Encyclopedia" released by the Chinese Encyclopedia Publishing House, the 30th National Book Expo, let the "small and small army fans" is in the sense of being in the face, and it is pleasing. Fully reflect the spiritual qi of my country ‘s military culture.

The book is compiled by authoritative military scientific experts. It is tailored to the 6-15 year old children, and 118 knowledge themes, nearly 500 knowledge points, according to "National Defense I know" "Cognition of military uniform" "identify the weapon equipment" featured "The four dimensions are arranged, from the special force to the military exercise, from the leap to Kevra fiber, from the stick knife to the aircraft carrier combat cluster, from the Wei Wei Zhao to Vietnam War … all-round, multi-angle presented military knowledge, fully satisfying children Cognitive desire.

The whole book uses scientific and accurate knowledge, vivid and interesting expressions and novel audio-visual experiences present a military knowledge drawing for small readers. According to reports, in order to build a content authority, the original military encyclopedia of the content, the publishing house has built a editorial committee including a number of military experts, science writers, military science and cartridges and children’s encyclopedia, invited Air Force Command Professor of the College, Chen Hong, a military army, served as a military consultant. After 5 years of fine grinding, this cultivation, authoritative, comprehensive, fun, functionality, and interactive features.

In terms of form, "China Children’s Military Encyclopedia" covers more than 1,000 HD photos and cross-sectional views, accompanied by the valuable QR code video, restores China and the World Battlefield, unlock the weapon genetic password.

The book also designed "My Business Card" and "Temporal Tunnel" and "Temporal Tunnel" interactive content, as well as "Army Park" interactive content to expand children’s thinking and encourage children to ask.

There are more than 110 continuous illustrations that are particularly drawn in the Quick flipping book, a sea, land, and empty-operated animation will showcase in front of the readers, so that the readers can visit a "Military Museum". (Editor: Zhao Chao, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Taiyuan Customs "25 Articles" promotes foreign trade to maintain stability and improve quality

Taiyuan Customs "25 Articles" promotes foreign trade to maintain stability and improve quality

Newspaper June 1 news supports Shenjian China (Shanxi) Free Trade Zone; supports the construction of a "one -line multi -line" aviation logistics channel centered on Taiyuan; green channels for emergency materials; New enterprises and new foreign trade format enterprises have implemented a differentiated measure of "one enterprise, one portrait, one enterprise, one policy, one enterprise and one specialist" … In order to fully promote the quality of foreign trade in our province, Taiyuan Customs has recently introduced 25 measures. In terms of ensuring the industrial chain supply chain, the coordination mechanism of key enterprises and key materials can be established, and the difficulties of the difficulties of enterprises such as Foxconn Taiyuan Park, China Bawu Tai Igang Group, and Huayuan International Land and Port Group are connected.

Establish a comparison list of RCEP tariff reductions in key industries in our province, guide enterprises to enjoy tax benefits, and expand exports of superior products. In terms of supporting the construction of international logistics channels, comprehensive policies are made to ensure the smooth flow of aviation, railways, and postal routes.

Establish a working mechanism for airport cargo stations, airlines, and freight agency, and timely grasp the operating needs. Support the construction of the "one -line multi -line" aviation logistics channel for the establishment of Taiyuan as the center, coordinating the "one -point multi -line" aviation logistics channel. Deepen the interaction with surrounding and port customs to help the high -quality development of China -Europe trains. In terms of supporting the construction of high -level open platforms, supporting the Shenjian China (Shanxi) Pilot Zone, and supporting the establishment of bonded logistics centers (type B) in regions of eligible areas. Support Taiyuan and Datong cross -border e -commerce comprehensive trial area construction, and guide enterprises to enjoy policy dividends and solve problems through measures such as policy preaching, corporate cultivation, and joint research and judgment.

Continue to optimize the regulatory model of online purchase of new retail, "cross -border e -commerce+overseas warehouse" and "cross -border e -commerce+bonded display" regulatory model. Support traditional foreign trade enterprises with demand to transform cross -border e -commerce and guide the development of cross -border e -commerce B2B export business. In terms of improving trade facilitation, it guarantees the safety and stable supply of fresh agricultural products such as living pigs, live cattle, fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables, etc. Further reduce the time limit for the filing of export food manufacturers.

Establish a green channel for emergency supplies to ensure the rapid customs clearance of epidemic prevention, energy, people’s livelihood, and supply supplies. Promote enterprises to make good use of trade facilitation measures, and choose to apply for advance, two -step declaration, etc. to improve the release efficiency of customs clearance.

Establish a new crown vaccine and test reagents for customs clearance of the "service window". For the entry -exit new crown virus vaccine and reagents that meet the requirements, they will do it immediately, as soon as possible to ensure the "zero latency" of customs clearance. In terms of improving market subject satisfaction, we will strengthen the analysis of import and export trade with the EU, the United States, and RCEP member states, and carry out the monitoring and analysis of key commodities such as coal, coke, metal ore and ore. (Li Jing).

China Twenty -two Metallurgical Huaibei Public Health Emergency Center project "Safety Month" activity side

China Twenty -two Metallurgical Huaibei Public Health Emergency Center project "Safety Month" activity side

Zou Li presided over the meeting, the project manager Zhou Guodong spoke, the supervisory representative of the Anhui East China Engineering Construction Project Management Co., Ltd., Party A representatives from the Xiangshan District Health and Health Committee, and the head of the labor team participated in the activity ceremony.The group company coordinated, coordinated, and promoted the stable growth, anti -anti -security and security work, grasped summer safety management, and ensured normal production safety operations at the construction site.Adhere to safety first, preventive and comprehensive governance safety management policy, firmly establish people -oriented, safety development concepts, combine the current status and key tasks of our project, promote the construction of safety culture, popularize security laws, regulations and safety knowledge, strengthen strengthenSafety awareness, improve the quality of safety, carry out in -depth production safety monthly activities, various measures for production safety monthly, effectively curb the occurrence of various accidents at the construction site, and promote the smooth production of the project safety production work of the Huaibei Emergency Center.

[Voice of the two sessions] Chinese and foreign students share studying abroad and talk about the "expectations of the two sessions"

[Voice of the two sessions] Chinese and foreign students share studying abroad and talk about the "expectations of the two sessions"

  [Explanation] According to statistics, before the epidemic, the number of students studying abroad in China has exceeded 700,000, and the number of students studying in China is close to 500,000. China has become the largest source of international students in many countries, the largest destination country in Asia, and the third largest destination country in the world. Educational exchanges have become a bridge to communicate China and the world, among them, international students have played an important role.

  [Explanation] Why come to study in China? What are the differences between the scenery between international students "going out" and "coming in"? The two nationwide conferences were held in 2022. Recently, three international students from different regions were guests from China News Agency and Chinanews.

Lu Yan, who was studying at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a Chinese from Malaysia. When he talked about why he chose Chinese medicine related majors, Lu Yan said that this will start from the TV series "Bao Qingtian" he has watched.

  [At the same time] Didn’t Lu Yan "Bao Qingtian" from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine? Is there a character named Gongsun Ce? In my impression, he sometimes gives people a pulse and sometimes gives people acupuncture. Later, one year when my family was sick when I went abroad to visit relatives. I just happened to have a relative who studied Chinese medicine, so he treated his family.

So I gradually met Chinese medicine, and began to be interested in this, and came to learn.

  [Explanation] After coming to China to study in universities, is international students who are satisfied with life in China? Mina, studying at Renmin University of China and an international student from Jordan, admitted that after coming to school in China, I felt that China was particularly like his own home.

  [At the same time] Renmin University of China Mina Mina has been to many countries because I have been to many countries. Maybe many countries in those areas can feel that you are strange to that place, and you will feel less like a home.

After coming to China, I felt that China was particularly like a home, and then I welcomed my family and friends to experience our feelings together. I think that what I feel most unimaginable in China is really enthusiastic, and everything is very convenient, especially now that technology is well -developed.

  [Explanation] Mao Lingling, a Chinese girl studying in France, has also adapted to foreign life.

During school in France, Mao Lingling will use her spare time to go to the streets to perform Chinese songs. Mao Lingling said that music is a language of human beings, and the songs played often moved foreigners. [At the same time] Mao Lingling, a student of the Pordson State School of Music in France, will deliberately pick some Chinese -style songs, and some other foreign songs will cross in. I really want to show them our Chinese culture and Chinese music.

They also like it very much. I often see that they are moving and crying, which will give me a lot of strength. [Explanation] The National Two Associations were held in 2022, and Chinese and foreign students also said their attention and expectations for the two sessions.

  [At the same time] The student of Renmin University of China Mina, because I am now studying the law of the disability, I am more curious about the medical treatment of this kind of disabled, and there will be some new updates in the end. Then the second may be that I think some poverty alleviation policies. When I was studying before, I also learned that China’s poverty alleviation policy has been taken away by many foreign governments. Solution, because poverty alleviation is a world problem.

  [At the same time] Lu Yan, a student of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has only started to care about the two sessions recently. I will care about cultural communication, especially the internationalization of Chinese medicine culture.

  [At the same time] Mao Lingling’s State Students of the Poordor State Conservatory of France, I am more concerned about the future development of possibly art education. I still want to know what new promotion will be promoted in the future.

  Chi Hanyu Beijing reported.

"Jinchang to consume" Taiyuan Station ninth round of electronic coupons were put on November 13

"Jinchang to consume" Taiyuan Station ninth round of electronic coupons were put on November 13

  Original title: The ninth round of electronic coupons will put on the home appliance special voucher will be taken by 3.48 million people who want to buy home appliances. At 9 o’clock in the morning of November 14, "Jin Fang came to consumption" Taiyuan station ninth round government coupon began to put it, involving 10,000 yuan, total amount of 12.444 million yuan, of which the home appliance special voucher is 348 million Yuan, is a round of strength since the consumer. Yinli Shanxi introduced that the eighth round of electronic coupons increased the efforts of each coupon, received by the people, "Double 11" On the day, the various electronic coupons are usually twice, due to the high leverage, for consumption The pulling effect of the market is obvious. The ninth round of electronic coupons to be put on will include 70,000, 2.11 million yuan of accommodation coupons; 240,000, 3.65 million retail general coupons; 10,000 yuan, 3.48 million home appliance special coupons; 50,000, 3.2 million department store coupons.

Yinlian Shanxi introduced that from the past, the home appliance special voucher was grabbed for more than ten seconds, the most undermaking rate, the most welcomed consumers. Therefore, this consumer voucher is put on, and specializes in home appliance special coupons.

Among them, the family appliance special voucher is reduced by 300 yuan, a total of 10,000, the amount amount of 3 million yuan, the quantity and amount is more than twice the last round, and will benefit more consumers who prepare to buy home appliances. "Jinchang to consume" Taiyuan station government consumer vouchers, from September 19th to December 31, the activities were 15 rounds, which lasted 104 days.

During the event, a round of coupons began to put on every Saturday.

Location in Taiyuan City, you can enter the "Gun Frame" app homepage, or receive coupons at the "Reward" App Home – "Reward Center". After receiving the ticket, you can view the information of the Supplement Store in "Where to Use Voucher". The ticket is valid for 7 days, and the people who grab the vouchers should be used in the prescribed period. (Reporter Jia Shangzhi).

Tianjin Tax: Rongxiang Piao Dragon Boat Festival family book

Tianjin Tax: Rongxiang Piao Dragon Boat Festival family book

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Tianjin Taxation Bureau directly implements the requirements of the disciplinary style construction requirements of the government. With the theme of "Cleaning the Dragon Boat Festival", each party member and cadre and their families have a "clean government book". Love, not only alert the family, and warmer the heart.

It is understood that the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Municipal Taxation Bureau’s directly -affiliated organs gives full play to the important role of the family style in the construction of the integrity of the government, implemented the requirements of the "Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Tianjin", and actively explore the methods of disciplinary inspection of innovation agencies, and revolves around the "welcome event, welcoming the event, Learn the theme of loyalty, strong responsibility, and entrepreneurship "to learn and promote the practice of educational practice, grasp the integrity education of party members and cadres, start with daily supervision and work details. At the same time, "a letter of the festival" and other measures, while caring about greeting party members, cadres and family members, reiterated disciplinary requirements, extended daily supervision to "outside eight hours", promoted the idea of ??cleaning and valuing ideas to take root in each family, building anti -corruption and advocating integrity Family defense. The Municipal Taxation Bureau Inspection Bureau, the First Inspection Bureau, the Second Investigation Bureau, the Third Taxation Branch and other units also take the Dragon Boat Festival as an opportunity. The wind drives the social style. Through the issuance of the notice of integrity education and pushing the clean government reminder SMS before the festival, remind party members and cadres not to "red lines", do not touch the "bottom line", frugality, civilized holidays, and integrity.

The Third Investigation Bureau carried out the "three one" of integrity through the "Dragon Boat Festival" event, that is, collecting a clear motto of integrity, making a letter of integrity, and a visit to a clean government. The Fourth Inspection Bureau held a conference on the integrity of young cadres, urging the majority of young cadres to continue to consolidate the foundation of their thoughts, learned to distinguish the "thunder areas" and "trap", and deduct the "first buckle" of integrity and taxes.

"A family book, full of cleanliness style. Although the paper is thin but heavier, it is as heavy as a jin. At work, we must be alert and implement it at all times. We must take good‘ relatives and friends ’and‘ children ’s passage’ to keep the bottom line of discipline with our family.

"The third tax branch cadres said.

(Sun Xiaobin Zhang Yan) Source: Tianjin Taxation Bureau (Editor of Responsibility: Zhang Jingqi, Cui Xinyao) Share let more people see it.

"Lingnan Puppet Boutique Collection" opened a national tour

"Lingnan Puppet Boutique Collection" opened a national tour

"神 威 千" stills. In addition to the "Sun Wukong three-white bones", the Guangzhou City Wenbu Boutique is "Sun Wukong’s three-white bones". "Zhong Yu’s fire" "County official" "long silk dance" and other programs. Among them, the pole head puppet performance "Shen Wei thousand" also won the favorite of the audience, the program fused the fountain, archery, and drinking water and other performance skills, seeing the audience is amazing, especially the puppets "Erlang God" , Ignite the audience atmosphere. In the performance of the soft iron branch, "the small dwarf" showing the guitar, the puppet theater invites the audience to go to the stage to interact, and the child cooperates in the guidance of the actor. When the puppets in the hands, the child is showing, the children are exposed. Will smile.

  The Guangdong Puppet Art Theater deliberately brought "puppet doll" from Guangzhou, giving the children through the interactive link.

They are happy after they receive a gift, express fun. (Editor: Zhang Yuwen, Chen Yuzhu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Shandong Jinan invested nearly 300 million yuan in fiscal funds to promote consumption

Shandong Jinan invested nearly 300 million yuan in fiscal funds to promote consumption

  In order to promote the upgrading of consumption quality and continue to release the potential of domestic demand, on May 28, Jinan City, Shandong Province, released the implementation of "Several Measures for the continuous recovery of consumption to promote consumption" (hereinafter referred to as "Several Measures"). The Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will invest nearly 300 million yuan in fiscal funds to issue car, home improvement, cultural tourism, homestays, sports, shopping, catering and other government consumer coupons to drive enterprises to carry out a series of discount promotions and allow citizens to be consumed. Enjoy the real discount.

  The maximum of 6,000 yuan of consumer coupons "Several measures" includes 7 parts of 7 parts of the "Several Measures".

Among them, the heaviest is the tens of millions of vehicle consumer coupons, with a number of tickets for 10 vouchers. "Several measures" proposes that from May 22nd to June 30th, 2022, personal consumers who purchase new energy passenger cars and fuel passenger cars (except used cars) and licenses in Jinan City will distribute 2000 The Yuan-6000 yuan consumer coupon, which purchases a new car (except for second-hand cars) with scrapped vehicles, increases 1,000 yuan consumer coupon; before December 31, 2022, rural users who purchase the following pure electric commercial vehicles below the full loading quality ton (inclusive). Give 5,000 yuan/vehicle charging fee subsidy; in 2022, 17,000 new energy vehicle charging infrastructure is added to enhance charging guarantee capabilities.

  In terms of promoting housing consumption, "Several Measures" proposed that the maximum loan amount of the first house in this city’s household registration has increased from 300,000 yuan to 350,000 yuan. The down payment ratio of the commercial loan of the suite is adjusted from 60%to 40%; if there is no housing in the city in this city, no matter whether there is a previous loan record, the purchase of a housing application loan is deemed to be the first housing loan. 60%adjustment to 30%.

At the same time, home improvement consumer coupons are issued to families with house decoration needs in Jinan City. Each family can apply for 5 home improvement coupons with a total size of 1,000 yuan, with a total scale of 20 million yuan.

  Support the holding of various types of e -sports events In terms of expanding cultural tourism consumption, Jinan plans to invest 25 million yuan in special cultural tourism Huimin Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumption Places. 6.5 million yuan of municipal financial funds are used for the construction of key rural tourism villages and scenic villages; the 10 million yuan "Quancheng Family" homestay consumer coupon is issued to help the high -quality development of rural tourism. Jinan will boost sports consumption. It is planned to issue three stages in the sports and fitness service industry, sports training, and sports retail industry from June 2022. Stadium issued free fitness experience coupons; 3 million yuan to support various types of e -sports events in Jinan.

  Encouraging the lapse operation at night will also launch a series of consumer activities. It is planned to distribute 50 million yuan in shopping and catering government Huimin Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumption Activities; support the industry The association cooperates with home appliance production and sales companies to carry out benefits and benefits, and gives subsidies of not less than 200 yuan to specific green smart models; actively hosts northern consumer goods expo, Lu cuisine food culture festival, e -commerce industry expo, international sugar and wine food trade fair In key exhibitions such as non -heritage expo, release the potential of exhibition consumption.

  In terms of activating night consumption, "Several Measures" proposed that the newly identified three municipal -level night economic gathering areas to create a night -time economic and cultural IP demonstration district; carry out the theme consumption activities of "Quancheng Night" , Scenic Area, Cultural Tourism and Business Complex and other cultural tourism consumption places, encourage the launch of night cultural tourism consumption such as immersive performing arts, street performances, and electronic syllables. Under the premise, the temporary parking berth is reasonably set up to create a consumer atmosphere with "fireworks".

  In terms of increasing the rescue efforts of helping enterprises, "Several Measures" proposed that the units that are applied to the basic endowment insurance premiums, unemployment insurance premiums, and work injury insurance premiums for business employees such as catering, retail, and tourism should be paid. The payment period is 3 months, and the period of slow payment for unemployment insurance and work injury insurance premiums does not exceed 1 year; the qualified travel agencies temporarily refund the quality margin of tourism services at a ratio of 100%; encourage grassroots unions Tickets; actively carry out supply and demand docking activities in the fields of food, textile clothing, biomedicine, equipment manufacturing, and new generation of information technology.

[Twee populaire reviews] doen er alles aan om dit te doen, is dit de grootste mensen levensonderhoud

[Twee populaire reviews] doen er alles aan om dit te doen, is dit de grootste mensen levensonderhoud

  Volgens de gegevens vrijgegeven door het Nationaal Bureau voor de Statistiek, in 2021, in de factoren van de groei van het bruto binnenlands product, de consumptieve bestedingen van het hele jaar bereikte een procentpunt, en het totale bedrag van het kapitaal en de netto-uitvoer van goederen en diensten waren procentpunten, verbruik de bijdrage tempo van de economische groei bereikte%, en speelde de belangrijkste trekken rol in de "drie drijvende wagen".

  De wortel van de consumptie is de werkgelegenheid, de werkgelegenheid is van de grootste mensen levensonderhoud.

In dit jaar het werk voor de overheid rapport, de rust van de verzekering arbeid is een belangrijk onderdeel. In 2022 zijn de uitdagingen voor dit jaar vooral verwacht dat de ontwikkeling van dit jaar, en de regering werk verslag wordt erop gewezen dat er meer dan 11 miljoen nieuwe banen in steden en dorpen, en het stedelijk onderzoek werkloosheidspercentage werd gecontroleerd binnen%.

  Volgens de adjunct-directeur van de Raad van State Research Office, de nieuwe groei van de beroepsbevolking in de stedelijke werkgelegenheid is bijna 16 miljoen euro.

Onder hen, de afgestudeerden van de afgestudeerden hebben een nieuw hoogtepunt in de geschiedenis.

Kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen en individuele industri?le en commerci?le huishoudens dragen van honderden miljoenen mensen worden nog steeds geconfronteerd met meer problemen.

"%" Target "is hoger dan de" % van de "%" van vorig jaar. Hoe krijg ik een afbraak in de 2022-stabiele maatregelen? Een term die wordt gebruikt in het werk van het rapport van de regering – "Duizenden All Map". Bij de ontwikkeling van de fiscale steun, bijzondere moeilijkheden, de belangrijkste groep werkgelegenheid, enz. Beleid, volledig rekening houdend met de noodzaak van een vaste baan.

  Vanuit een macro-perspectief, wordt bepaald dat de prioriteit van het werkgelegenheidsbeleid moet worden verbeterd. Versterken prioriteit werkgelegenheidsbeleid.

Krachtig verbreden van de werkgelegenheid kanalen, met aandacht voor vast werk door de stabiele markt belangrijkste orgaan, versterkt de rol van het ondernemerschap. Beleid, zoals fiscale en belastingen, financi?le en andere beleidsterreinen moeten worden uitgevoerd rond de werkgelegenheid te verhogen steun voor de ontwikkeling van bedrijven. Een aantal speciale projecten moeten optimalisatie te versterken en onredelijke beperkingen op ondernemerschap werkgelegenheid moeten resoluut worden gewist.

Elke plaats moet stabiel zijn en overal uitgebreid zijn.

  Vanuit het perspectief van belastingen en heffingen, het is zeer sterk en is de focus van dit jaar.

Clearing nieuwe financi?le middelen moeten worden zinken het niveau achterban, voornamelijk gebruikt voor de uitvoering van het beleid van het helpen van de mensen, vast werk, en het bevorderen van de consumptie en de vraag uit te breiden. De grootste plek om dit jaar geld uit te geven is de belastingvermindering en belastingvermindering.

De omvang van de financi?le uitgaven is meer dan 2 biljoen yuan ten opzichte van vorig jaar, en de centrale overheid is gestegen van ongeveer biljoen yuan aan de lokale overdracht, en de schaal is dicht bij biljoen yuan, een stijging van 18%, voor vele jaren.

De reden waarom de betaling is zo groot, dat wil zeggen aan de ondersteuning van de markt lichaam ervoor te zorgen dat de meest eerlijke plan, de directe effectieve manier nieuwe gecombineerde belasting, ondersteuning van het beleid, om te betalen zal naar verwachting voor ongeveer miljard yuan voor de jaarlijkse taks korting, waarvan de belastingvermindering Trillion.

Tegelijkertijd is er ook een toename van de wetenschappelijke en middelgrote ondernemingen tot 100% ten opzichte van 75% tot 100%, en uit te voeren belastingvoordelen op enterprise investeringen, het verbeteren van apparatuur apparatuur versnelde afschrijvingen, high-tech onderneming inkomstenbelasting concessies, die is gelijk aan het land Innovatie geeft op grote schaal financi?le steun. Het weerspiegelt het onderhoud van het onderhoud van de markt, verhoging van de uitvoering van macro-economisch beleid. Vanuit het perspectief van de hulp van de bijzondere moeilijkheden industrie, volledig rekening houdend met de impact van nieuwe coronaire epidemie, en stelt voor om de kosten van de productie en exploitatie van ondernemingen te bevorderen.

De werkgelegenheid capaciteit van restaurants, accommodatie, detailhandel, toerisme, personenvervoer is groot. Het heeft de impact van de epidemie, en de hulp die het beleid moet worden gekanteld, ondersteunen deze industrie?n te staan, maar de problemen, is er een run. Vanuit het perspectief van de tewerkstelling van de belangrijkste groepen, de stabiele werking initiatieven zijn zeer zorgvuldig, blijven de prestaties van de werkloosheid en de arbeidsongevallen verzekering te verlagen. Ondernemingen die niet ontslaan het personeel, doorgaan met het uitvoeren werkloosheidsverzekering stabiel en terugkeerbeleid, en een aanzienlijke verbetering van de verhouding tussen China en de Kleine en micro-ondernemingen.

Versterken werkgelegenheid ondernemerschap ondersteuning van het beleid en afsluiten service.

Heb een goede baan in gepensioneerde militaire hervestiging en werkzekerheid, de bevordering van de werkgelegenheid van migrerende werknemers, mensen met een handicap, en de werkgelegenheid van nul familie werkgelegenheid.

  Het is vermeldenswaard dat met de veranderingen in concept, het bedrijf heeft een verscheidenheid van het bedrijfsleven, wordt het nieuwe model versneld, en flexibele arbeid van mijn land heeft bereikt 200 miljoen, heeft een belangrijke werkgelegenheid kanaal geworden.

werk rapport van de regering wordt voorgesteld om de flexibele arbeid sociale zekerheid beleid te verbeteren en uit te voeren nieuwe vorm werkgelegenheid bescherming arbeidsongeval piloten.

Het is bevorderlijk voor het bevorderen van flexibele arbeid, gezonde ontwikkeling en het cre?ren van meer inkomen stabiel, volledige garantie, en divers werk. Do not pass onbekend. Steady werkgelegenheid vereist top design, en al de markt entiteiten en werknemers moeten samenwerken om subjectieve initiatieven te spelen, en het cre?ren van een beter leven.

(China Tibet Net / Liu Li) (Editor: Chen Weiguo).