Fuzhou Gulou District Procuratorate created a national civilized unit

On November 20th, Fuzhou Gulou District Procuratorate, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, was awarded the title of the 6th "National Civilization Unit" by the Central Civilization Committee.

"This is honor, but also a heavy responsibility. We have to cherish, carefully, to add color to it, so that civilization has become a new engine for high-quality development of prosecution." The secretary of the party group and the procurator . Strive to be "The Star of Drum Testing Civilization" walked into the lobby of the Loufi District Procuratorate, six human forms to achieve their attention. Stop reading, this is the hospital’s national civilized unit, combined with the actual situation of the prosecution, and 6 "Intang Star" selected by the quarterly.

Under the large photo of the "Star of Incentive Civilization", write the advanced deeds of everyone – "In the case of Su Mou and other cases of trouble and Zheng et al., The inspection is issued to the case and the competent department respectively. It is recommended to promote rectification to receive good results … "" The first quarter of this year, the information work is in the city’s first, the province’s second; during the epidemic, as a volunteer in-depth community duty, dispose of the card in accordance with the law, Get the masses like … "Just a few lines of text, or several informative data, mapped out their efforts to fight on their job. "The Star of Intances Civilization" began to selection from 2019, and there 上海上门服会所 were 24 people in each period.

They have departmental person responsible, and the business first-line case prosecutor, and there is also a comprehensive logistic administrator. "They have different positions, duties, but have a common feature: stand firm and high, the sense of service is strong, the first strive is excellent, and the righteousness of the gas is strong.

"The person in charge of the political department of the hospital.

"You can see the display sign of civilized stars every day, the enthusiasm of the flash point and officers, gave me a great encouragement, I secretly determined, I hope I can become a ‘list in the next quarter. "A policeman said, this is the power of civilization, and it is also the leader of culture, and it can feel it in the inspection. It 上海品茶平台 is understood that the hospital is the province’s procuratorial and cultural construction model foundation.

In recent years, they actively explore the subject of cultural education, the procuratorial organ culture into the environment, cultural cohesion to the team game sharp.

Lanes and are rich in elements of cultural corridor, framed fine aphorisms, famous story, warmly decorated Fuzhou City Library and drum inspection branch, first-class city to experience the rule of law education exhibition hall and other cultural sites, all to create the characteristic Attorney atmosphere of culture, so that people feel the drum inspection "close cultural, civilization-depth heart."

In addition, the Drum Tower District Prosecutor’s focus is to increase the level of moral construction of police officers, to carry out normalization of moral 上海长宁喝茶群 lecture, civilization should be aware of testing and other activities. Over authority police officers was "the most beautiful family" "Drum good" and other honors, the theme of micro-video works "Drum seized ingenuity" won the District Civilization "mortal charity" prize solicitation micro-video category the first prize.

"Today, our hospital is already taking shape civilization upward, Zonta for good atmosphere, whether it is outside of the cultural environment, or spiritual civilization with plastic, have played a character cultivation, boost morale and cohesion of the role of the people.

"Jiang Wei said.

He moved the masses with the real intention really the truth, "the ‘red vests’ my mother helped to roadside rest, until his family came to see my mother can exchange the normal ‘red vests’ before returning to duty posts.

"This is the content of the Drum Tower District, Zhongshan community Ms. Zhu described in the letter of thanks. The letter is the story occurred during the Drum Tower District Prosecutor’s Office and police officers Ding into the community to participate in volunteer activities during this year’s epidemic prevention and control.

The "red vests" is just a microcosm of the hospital many party members to join the fight against SARS frontline volunteers.

It is reported that since the outbreak, the hospital 79 party members and police officers bravely assumed the mission, nearly 2,000 passengers sank community to help communities complete temperature measurement, registration information, such as the fight against SARS epidemic prevention propaganda tasks and responsibilities to play drums full interpretation of the human subject, with sincerity, the truth, the true meaning of moving masses, a "division Attorney civilization" public mind.

Let ranks faith stronger, harder style, stricter discipline, the hospital established a "party + civilization" mechanism, promote the "Red pilot project", the issuance of "basic branch Work Act", the establishment secretary, Party Committee, Party branch three joint conference system, innovative "self learning, focused on learning, learning seminars, online learning," the study four methods, carry out the "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission," the theme of education; party building built for cultural Affairs, the introduction of intelligent robots, AR, VR and other technologies to promote interactive learning, practice show party.

Guide prosecutors and police officers make up the calcium spirit, ideals and faith by the party building activities.

Let the flag float up, the hospital has always played a leading cadres "critical minority" take the lead exemplary role. Especially in carrying out anti-crime fight against evil forces, the House leadership in the very front, red in line, do take the lead in the case of difficult and important cases, major, give full play to "Touyan effect."

Gulou District in handling cases involving the Mafia’s first "July 28 The leader of the project", the hospital leadership regularly organize analysis judged to guide police officers give full play to the leading prosecutorial responsibility, to appear in court to support the prosecution, the case handled achieve political effect, legal and social unified effect, with the construction of the rule of law to protect and promote social civilization. To play a leading role in party building, to consolidate the achievements of civilization. Fuzhou hospital has won the advanced grassroots party organizations, district party building advanced units and so on, "the guardian of justice" party brand was named "Top Ten Party building brand Gulou District."

The features bright highlights to do "in this case the defendant Lee selling counterfeit Guizhou Maotai, these wines through the company’s reception, personal consumption, etc. are no specific references to people, not against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers of specific social and public interests are harmed." This year October 17, the Drum tower District Prosecutor’s Office on the city’s first case of infringement of intellectual property rights criminal with a civil public interest litigation cases to prosecute, to be relief for damage to the public interest, to guide the operator integrity management, writing and justice tension civilization. Jiang Wei said, to create a national civilized units, is to use higher standards and stricter requirements for first-class performance to produce more high-quality products the rule of law and the prosecution product, so that the people get to have more sense, more real happiness and a stronger sense of security. This is the hospital to create a national civilized units starting point and ending point. "Quality inspection drum" in order to promote the construction of the hospital around the "Four Attorney ‘function, to create a number of quality of prosecutorial products, and create stable, stable environment for economic and social development of civilization districts, intellectual property prosecution, procuratorial minors , 12309 prosecutorial services, and so has become a star Attorney business card.

Attorney intellectual property rights such as hospital will serve as a "six steady," "six guarantees", high-quality economic and social development of an important starting point, take the initiative to join the big intellectual property services, to create "1 + 1 + N" service pattern, built Intellectual Property Attorney legal services center, independent research and development of intellectual property legal services Attorney "cloud platform", and the establishment of prosecutorial service and room service windows in a number of high-tech parks and key enterprises, innovation and precision docking needs.

At the same time, deep plowing case handling, enhance the quality of work, the results of the investigators selected 2019 National IPR protection typical case, "Attorney-quality services to enhance the innovation and development of enterprise intellectual property" was selected for the construction of a new era of grass-roots procuratorates typical example.

Check the quality of light, it does highlight the characteristics of light. According to the actual situation of educational resources gathering area, the hospital built in the province of minors prosecutions display platform, follow the socialization of minors protection needs, promote the establishment of the Drum Tower District "Protection of Minors community", bullying around campus network security field, the "protecting Children sail" action. 6 prosecutor appointed to vice president of the rule of law Yan’an Middle School, Elementary School Drum Tower experiment, the rule of law counselor, forming a "youth drum seized propaganda teams" to carry out various forms of legal education activities, help safe campus.

According to reports, since the creation of the National civilized units, the hospital has 32 collectives and 56 individuals were commended above the provincial level, the emergence of a "province excellent prosecutor" and a number of key business experts and investigators. "Civilization is no best, only better, we have been on the road.

"Jiang Wei said.

(Zhangren Ping Cheng Wen Tang Jia Kun) (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Qiao flowers).


Cultivated land "Panda" turned into – Gongzhuling City promotes the protection of black soil

Original title: "Panda" turned into how to tighten "food bag", keep the black land protection bottom line, stable food safety heavy? A black soil defending war. With the "rebirth", "I have begun to protect the protection of farming for 5 years, the gap is not a general big!" Standing on Tian Hao, saying that the benefits of black land protection, Li Zhenjun is endless.

Li Zhenjun is the chairman of the Dongxing Long Agricultural Machinery Operation Professional Cooperative of Chaoyang Town, and the land under his feet is the experimental demonstration area of ??the black soil protection project in Gonglings. The land is the hunt of farmers, but also the source of farmers’ income and rich. With the destruction of traditional farming and the erosion of natural sand, it has become "fertilized" to the dark soil "malnutrition".

"This place is also ‘years old, getting more and more hard." Looking at "comrades" with yourself half a lifetime, Li Zhenjun is full of distress, and it is no longer. In 2015, our province launched the promotion of black soil protection utilization pilot project.

The work of the Gongzhuling pilot area has been fully launched. Li Zhenjun took the way of the policies and began their own agriculture "transformation and upgrading" road.

After the harvest of autumn maize machinery, the straw crushing cover surface (the straw crushing is not good, it is dualized), using the mount of the mountaine tractor to over-turn, the depth is 30 cm, then in the autumn and spring heavy bundles twice. "Scientific seeds are really unspeakable. This corn straw is smashed down to returning the Fei Tian technology. The direct effect is that the corn in the corn is about 10%." Last year, in the absence of three typhoon invasion, " The technical plot has almost no inverted, the land "fertilizer", the corn root is like the eight-legged fish, and there is a significant advantage in the water storage and stabilization production. Li Zhenjun tasted the sweetness. This year, 700 hectares of land will all use straw in 700 hectares of land.

Do a good job in the use of black land protection, it is an important starting point to the implementation of "Tibetan Full, Tibetan Food". 2015-2017 Gongloud City implemented black land protection area of ??100,000 mu, implemented black land protection area of ??500,000 mu, effectively improved the physical and chemical nature of soil, and was recognized by farmers.

The cultivated land has a grain collection of the warehouse Shuangchengnao Town to the west of the city of the city village, 3 large horsepower tractors traction no -gravous sorting machine simultaneous operation, Xingbang Family Farm Farm, Cuisuo, the mobile phone input information, the fertilization situation of his own block is clear . "The soil is a money tree, fat is a treasure basin.

"Fertilizer is the most critical nutrition for crop growth.

However, in the past, farmers lacked the knowledge and technology of scientific fertilization, in order to increase production, fertilization "a shelling", nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilization application and crop soil actual demand did not match, but caused soil knot and weakened land fertility. Excessive agricultural production is over-relying on fertilizer, and the land plunder will be buried for food sustained production.

In order to guide farmers’ scientific and reasonable fertilization, the Gongzhuling City Agricultural Technology Promotion Terminal vigorously promotes the termination of the sterilization and fertilization project, with the new agricultural business main body as a carrier, to apply the big data platform as a means, from the issuance of fertilization card to establish expert fertilization system, promote chemical fertilizer The increase in the development of the extension. "After the annual food harvest, agricultural technology promoters will choose 4 points to collect soil samples in my block, and provide professional guidance recommendations 上海闵行区按摩会所 for us through soil sample analysis.

"Cui Xueyu told reporters that with the improvement of black land protection, more and more environmentally friendly fertilizers appeared in the field.

Not long ago, more than 500 hectares of land in the Fangbang family farm lapeted.

By purchasing service, the government will ferment livestock feces and straw piles, which can not only make food grains full, but also increase soil organic matter, and maximize ecological benefits and economic benefits.

In recent years, there have been projects such as soil, black land protection, straw comprehensive utilization, etc., and the total amount of chemical fertilizer use.

In the Dongliao River Basin, the green high-yield high-efficiency project is implemented, and there are 10,000 mu of black 嘉定区龙凤洗浴中心 land protection and straw comprehensive utilization project. In 2020, the city’s fertilizer uses 10,000 tons, which is reduced from 10,000 tons last year.

Protecting the "rice bowl field" to do excellent sustained in the sixth villages of Nanyuzi Town, the corn ridge is clear from a wide narrow, and the straw coverage is clear.

The straw in the Niu Qing Dynasty, the soft black soil is panned, and the hand can be used.

"After a few years of protection, the land is significantly improved, and the grain production per acre has increased by 200 pounds. The black land is back, and our days have also happened to change the earth." In the Gongzhuling, it relies on the protection of black land like a Niu Qingguo. There are still many farmers who get up.

5 years of practice, Gongzhuling has established a sound black land 青浦区赵巷浴场哪家好 protection and utilization system, and the social service organization of cooperatives in the project area involved in straw returning, organic and fertilizer manufacturing technology has reached more than 90. Through the implementation of the project, the average level of cultivated land in the project area will increase the average level; the soil organic matter has an average increase of%; the thickness of cultivated layer reaches centimeters; 20 cultivated land quality monitoring points.

A string of joyful numbers is the fruit of the promotion of the protection of black soil, but also to ensure that the grain output is stable in a bottom gas of 6 billion pounds.

In terms of consolidating the national food security, Gongzhuling explored the copied, promoted, grounded Gongloud City straw smashing and turning to the overall supporting technology model, 2018 is listed by the Ministry of Agriculture as one of the technical modes of Northeast black land protection. The rush of the world is the world, and the black land is protected from the land of Lingcheng. Due to the top, mission, a agricultural high-quality development painting is slowly launched on the black land of Guangxi.

(Reporter Wang Wei) (Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Long).


Guangdong disease control: Rizhao Shijiazhuang Weinan and other places come (return) Guangdong people please report

Original title: Sunshine, Shijiazhuang, Weinan and other places come (return) Guangdong staff, please report on October 27th, Guangdong Provincial CDC, in view of the current epidemic situation, newly reported on October 27th provinces and cities, Including Shandong Rizhao, Hebei Shijiazhuang, Gansu, Weinan and other regions (return) Guangdong people issued an important reminder: take the initiative to report and cooperate with local epidemic management measures.

  Since October 18, the first nucleic acid detection positive personnel have been, this round of epidemic has 上海喝茶资源群 also spread in Shaanxi, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Gansu, Hunan, Guizhou, Hebei, Hubei, Qinghai, Sichuan, Shandong and other 12 provinces. city. Newly reported in the province and cities on October 27: Shandong Rizhao added 1 4-port infection, the starting case has arrived in Ningxia Yinchuan; 1 case of no symptom infection in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, a colleague who confirmed the case on October 23 At present, 2 cases have been reported; the latest gene sequencing results showed that the first case of the epidemic in Shijiazhuang City confirmed the new crown virus and Gansu, Inner Mongolia and other epidemic viruses. Gansu Weinan added 1 case diagnosis case, on October 21, the close contact person of the previous diagnosis case was observed in concentrated isolation point, and the throat, cold symptoms occurred on October 24, and the first 4 nucleic acid detection were negative, 10 On the 26th, the nucleic acid was detected as positive. In view of the current epidemic situation, Guangdong disease control has made an important reminder for the following regions (return) Guangdong personnel: Since October 2nd, from the Inner Mongolia Alax League, Jija, and Since October 16, Changping since October 16. The Zhenjia Town, North Seven Town, Hongfuyuan Community, come (return) Guangdong personnel is not over 14 days, concentrated to 14 days.

  At the same time, Guangdong Provincial Disease Control Reminder: National Day holiday has a history of foreign provinces in Guangdong, the public, and suggests that once a nucleic acid detection is conducted, and no nucleic acid test is made as soon as possible.

Try to avoid gap, avoid dinner party; do your personal 上海干磨工作室 health monitoring, such as fever, cough, etc. Since the following dates (return) Since the following dates, Guangdong people must take the initiative and cooperate with local epidemic management measures: October 2, Ocean Other regions outside the high risk area October 2, Gansu Province, Zhangye City, October 8, Seiku October 8th, Xinjiang Urumqi October 14, Gansu Province, Jiayuguan City, October 15, Lanzhou, Gansu Province, October 15, Guizhou Province, China, October 15, Shaanxi Province, Xi’an, October 15, Yunnan Province, Dehong Prefecture October On the 16th, the other regions of Changping District, Beijing October 16, Ningxia, Yinchuan City, Ningxia, October 18, Ningxia Wuzhong, October 18, October 18, October 18, October 18, October 18, Gansu Province, Weinan Province, October 19, Hebei Province Shijiazhuang City (Reporter 上海喝茶微信群 He Xuehua, Weng Shuxian correspondent Cantonese "(Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yizhu) Share let more people see.


Chaohu: Protect ecology and development ecotourism

Original title: Protecting the ecological and development of ecological tourism, remembering Yin Yin, Chaohu people are working on the road to achieve the way to make the ecological and develop ecological tourism.

  Lake Songyuan City, Guo County, Qiao County, is the core area of ??the Eco-economic zone in the western Jilin, is an important ecological barrier in Jilin Province.

  From Changchun, travel in the northwest along the 珲 乌 high-speed, and you can reach Cherry Lake for more than two hours.

  As a national-level inland wetland and water ecosystem type nature reserve, Chao Lake in the Midsummer Times and the water, and everything is rich.

Extremely far-sighted, the lake is sparkling, the lake is changing, the wetland grass is long.

  Chasing Lake is the main supply station on the eastern migration line of 8 migratory lines around the world.

Every time I become the ice, when I live in spring, I check the natural "Barn" of the dry lake’s natural "Barn" to grow, ushered in a large number of migratory birds. Here, you can see the Oriental White Pheasant, Black Dragonfly, Dand Crane, White Crane, Gold Carvue, White Swan, Gray Crane, Spooky, Black Fashion Spoon, etc. Dozens of rare birds. "Chagan’s water source is sufficient, the food resources are abundant, and the composition and quantity of bird populations have been significantly increased, and 35 birds have been found in the past few years." Chairman Chagan Tourism Economic Development Zone is a single monarch. The water is green and the birds, the birds, and the birds, and one of the top ten freshwater lakes in the country. It is the largest inland lake in our province. However, in the late 1970s, due to the discharge of the upstream Holin River and the drought in the year, Chagan’s water area was reduced to more than 50 square kilometers. In 1976, it was opened for work. After 8 years, the Songhua River water 爱上海论坛 flows into Chagan Lake.

Check the waters of dry lake returned to 420 square kilometers, and the wetland area reached a square kilometer.

  With the full implementation of the river long system, implement the role of lake water ecological restoration and governance project, Huanhu planting structure adjustment project, check the key ecological protection projects such as drienger and wetland vegetation repair construction projects, and Chaohu’s ecological environment The better.

  Critically protected by one hand, grasp the development, and strive to build the most beautiful lake in the country.

Now I checked 6,000 tons of fresh fish in the year, explore the ecological fishery development model of water-raising fish, fish-purified water, and set the Guinness World Record with single net 上海龙风419体验专区 fishing. In order to improve the visibility of ecological, green, tourism products, the local exploits Mongolian folk tourism resources and check the connotation of snow and hunting and hunting cultures. Since 2002, it has been held in the year, "China · Jilin Chagan Snow Fishing and Huning Culture Tourism Festival".

On late December, the eve of the Spring Festival of the New Year is the peak season that rely on the new economy of Ice and Snow Travel, Ice and Snow Trading, etc.

During the winter capture, the temperature of the next two thirty degrees Celsius seized the lake water, filled with thick snow, and staged the fishing wonders of "Ice Lakes" every day, attracting tens of thousands of tourists from Around the four sides. Fishing and hunting culture, Liao Jin culture, grassland 上海嘉定kb油压 culture, and agricultural cultural and cultural blending, Zhu Jihu’s winter arrested, is included in the national intangible cultural heritage list, won the "the first batch of most influential festive festivals" in the country, becamegan to Chaohu Eco new business card. Adhere to the protection and development, ecological and tourism, enhance the carrying capacity of the scenic spot, promote the upgrade of the ecological tourism transfer, and check the sustainable development of the ecological economy, guarding the "gold signboard" of the dried lake. Focusing on the theme of "Spring, Xia Jiao, Autumn, Winter, Winter, House", before Guo County passed the lake fish food festival, folk cultural tourism festival, wetland bird, winter injury festival, etc. Dry Lake as the core of the whole domain tourist destination. The development of ecotourism also promoted Turki Lake from a small fishing village to a tourist area integrated into a synthesis of science education, sightseeing and entertainment, leisure vacation, catering and other comprehensive functions.

  At present, Chaohu Lake Ecological Town, Chaohuhu Plant Science Park, Chaohu Bird Science Park, Chaohu Fisheries Science Park, check the construction of a batch of key projects such as Ganhuo Ecological Shui Bank Construction Project, Petroleum Aguan, etc. In the case of the pace of Tonghu, Chagan Lake is struggling to the country’s 5A-level scenic spot.

(Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Long).


Colorful mountain water drunk beauty nine – Jilin Channel – People’s Network

The Changchun Jiudai Economic Development Zone, Changchun Jiudai Economic Development Zone is the provincial development zone approved by Jilin Province in July 2003, which 上海贵族419桑拿论坛 is an important industrial development engine in the eastern part of Changchun.Changchun Jiudai Economic Development Zone Development Zone is located in the superimposed area of Changchu strategy, Changchun New District, and the long northeast, and is also an important window of the country "all along the way" to the north. Harbin city group, ChangjiThe geometric intersection of several national strategies in the development of the development of the development pilot area and the Mongolian economy.The core development zone of the Development Zone is located in the streets of Karen, the area is 128 square kilometers, 上海贵族宝贝龙凤楼 and the park and the town are built in 20 square kilometers.District Street is currently over 14 administrative villages, 2 communities, permanent people in population, 10,000 people.


Guangxi Tianlin: send a moving to the village culture Huimin warm people

"Tonight’s literary drama to our village performance, the show is colorful, very meaningful, thank the party committee, the government, I hope to carry out the country’s rural activities in the future, so that the people can not see the wonderful art performance." The people said that the masses said. In order to promote the revitalization strategy of rural villages, play the unique role in inheriting culture, cultivating morality, rich education, publicity policies, etc. The state-level people’s government and the national intangible cultural heritage protection in Tianlin County went to Pingbao Village to carry out the "Scholars’ Scholars, 上海新茶资源 I’m Sciousness, and the Party" The Drama in the Country and Cultural Dedication Activity. The performance of the traditional drama, the modern small and the play, the small products, songs and the like will send a wonderful cultural spirit to the masses. The whole activities have songs and dances "gather together" "winds", the male voice solo "Tianlu" The small and vigorous drama 上海喝茶场子 "Thanksgiving" "a publicity" "Women" and other national fashion show and other outstanding programs participate in the performance, the actors or generosity of the charm is full, the body movement is far-sighted, and the vivid performance wins the audience. By cheering. In the performance process, I also put a knowledge question and answer of the study party history. The scene is actively lifting and answering. The scene is very active. (Luo Yizhen, Lang Lang, Huang Yuling) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.


China Wine Industry Association and Shanxi Xinjin Business Alcohol Group cooperates to build a white wine winery demonstration enterprise

Sang Shuyu, the Chairman of the Chinese Wine Industry Association, Shanxi Xinghua Village Liquor Group Co., Ltd. Party Committee Secretary, Chairman, Chairman, Chairman, Shanxi New Jinchamber, Hou Qingquan, attended the signing ceremony. At the signing ceremony, the Secretary-General of the China Wine Industry Association and the Secretary-General of the Alcohol Management Committee Du Xiaowei jointly signed the "China Wine Industry Association White Winery Demonstration Enterprise Construction Agreement". 上海浦东哪有快餐服务 It is understood that after the establishment of the new promoter winery, it has always adhered to the wine as "basis". With the culture as "soul", it is committed to the inheritance of the cultural culture and Xinghua Village Qingxiang liquor brand resources, forming a white wine, Modern enterprises that store, uniform, sales, private storage, personalized product customization, alcoholism, and leisure tourism.

In the development, the Xinjin Merchant Alcohol Group strictly abides by the concept of "inheriting the old, innovation,", highlighting the true meaning of traditional brewing skills, consolidating the source, simultaneous production and supporting requirements, ecological environment, brewing ecology, The construction style of the "Workshop Universityization, the Industrialization of 上海闵行区419在哪里 Industrialization, and Traditional Skills" in Xinjin Merchants.

At the same time, Xinjin Merchants will be integrated with Jin Shang culture, the Culture of the Courtyard, the cultural, and the apricot, the wine culture, and the collection culture will become a unique apricot.

(Hao Jian) ??(Editor: Zhao Fang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Central North University won the first prize of the 4th National Chemical Experimental Competition National Finals

  Original title: Northern University of Northern University won the first prize in the National Final September 29th, September 29, from the University of Northern University, the "Excellence Page" composed of the school’s student, in the fourth national Among the National Finals of College Chemical Experimental Competition, first prize, this is also the best grade that the school has achieved in this event. This competition is hosted by the China Chemical Education Association, and Nanjing University of Technology has undertakes 76 teams from six major divisions from the national colleges and the Nanjing area. A total of 228 students participated in the competition, which is intended to implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and promote higher school chemicals. The Construction of "New Engineering", Improving the Teaching Quality of Core Courses of Chemical Classics, 上海足浴发廊论坛 Strengthening the Comprehensive Quality and Ability of Students’ Comprehensive Quality and Ability to Improve the Level of the Development of Education and Chemical Industry. In order to give full play to the influence of the discipline competition, Central North University has opened the "Chemical Experimental Innovation Practice" in the whole school to cultivate and selection of students. A total of six students 上海外卖工作室vx were selected as "Excellent Taiwan" and "Kaixuan Work Team" participated in the northwestern competition of the National College Chemical Experiment Competition this year, and won the Special Award and First Prize. Since then, three student teams will be selected again to participate in the national finals. In the competition, the school student and the famous universities in China have achieved excellent results with excellent performance and excellent playback.

(Reporter Zhang Xiaoli correspondent Guo Yanxia).


14 provinces have released 2021 corporate salary guidelines to guide enterprises to reasonably improve employee wages

In the survey, please wait. If you have no response, please refresh this page this year, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Tibet, Shandong, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Fujian, Sichuan, Liaoning, Gansu, Jilin, Hunan 14 provinces have released 2021 corporate salary guidance String. Among them, the salary growth baseline between 12 provinces is between 6% and 8%.

  Tilting the so-called corporate wage guide to the grassroots laborers, is a method of carrying out a macro guidance of salary distribution based on economic and social development, residential living consumption, etc.

Composed of the baseline, the online (also known as early warning line) and the lower line, the baseline is an average annual growth amplitude of the average salary of the enterprise. The upper line is the highest amplitude allowed by the average salary growth, and the offline is the lowest, which can be zero growth. It can be negative growth. Unlike the minimum wage standard, the company’s wage guidance line is only guided and does not have forced binding, nor will it supervise whether the company adopts this guide line.

Enterprises can combine the specific economic benefits of this unit, with this for reference and employees to carry out wage collective consultations and determine the level of salary growth. Since the beginning of the 1990s, my country has begun to establish this system unless they encounter special circumstances, the provinces generally issued a local wage growth guide line, which has become an important reference of the company to reasonably increase salary under the market economy. Su Hainan, the special researcher of the China Labor Society, told the reporter that the information to publish this information to guide the enterprise to refer to the different intervals of the wage guide line, and reasonably arrange employee growth. "Currently, most enterprises have better production and operation recovery, which provides the most important support for rising sagments.

"Su Hainan believes that" labor payment and labor productivity growth synchronization "is required to increase wage levels from longitudinal direction, especially to the first-line grassroots laborer, and increase their quality of life. Announcement The content also reflects this. According to Jiangxi Province, enterprises should strive to improve the wage level of the first-line employee, especially technical workers, migrant workers, and make the average salary of the company, the wage level of migrant workers. increase.

  Hunan Province clearly, guiding enterprises according to the specific circumstances of economic benefits and labor productivity, and negotiate the proportion of salary growth in 2021, reasonably arrange salary growth, and focus on increasing the low wage level and slow employee, especially the production line and technology Worker post staff wage level.

  Elastic adjustment guide line industry expert said that the adjustment of corporate wage guidelines in different regions is based on the growth rate, per capita salary increase in various regions, considering economic growth expectations, and considers economic growth expectations. Comprehensive determination after the basic life of the cost and the basic life of employees. From the baseline of the salary growth set, Jiangxi, Shanxi is the highest, reaching 8%. The only province that raised the baseline is Shaanxi, from 7% to%.

The rest of the province remains unchanged. Online setting, Hunan, Gansu, Tianjin, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shandong, Shaanxi, and Tibet have no wage growth online.

Among the provinces set, Shanxi is 12%, Sichuan is 10%, Jilin is 8%, Xinjiang%, Liaoning is 8%, Inner Mongolia%. On the lower line, 10 provinces are basically floating between 3% to 4%.

Shandong has not been set by the online and offline.

The Shandong Provincial Department of Human Social Security said that enterprises shall, in accordance with the "Shandong Provincial Bureau of Labor Contract Regulations", "Shandong Provincial Enterprise Wage Collective Regulations", adhere to the principle of labor distribution, equal work acquisition, and establish normal growth mechanisms of employee salary, optimize internal allocation.

  It is not a mandatory rising salary, and it is a loose attitude when it is delineated on the board, how does the enterprise coordinate employee wages? Su Hainan explained that there is no warning line, meaning that the company can rose flexibly according to its own benefits, not capped; the role of the offline is to guide the company to make the actual income of employees do not decline, salary with price index It has improved, or reduces the impact of uncertainty factors such as epidemic.

  While drawing a guide line, it has also proposed a recommendation on how to refer to the company. Among them, Shaanxi’s suggestion is that the production and operation of the production and operation, and the economic efficiency growth should surround the wages around the baseline. Enterprises have confirmed the difficulties of production and operation, and the payment capacity is not enough. If the wage guidance line is scheduled, we can determine the wage level below the wage guideline, but must be determined according to the collective consultation with the employee, and the company pays The wages of employees who provide normal labor do not be lower than the local minimum wage within the legal working hours. Strive to improve the implementation effect When the company is in the specific reference payment line, the situation encounters is different, especially some non-state-owned enterprise employees, "hopeless, not", how to make this guide line "dashed" "Is it" solid line "? Sorps all local announcements found that although corporate salary guidelines are not hard, they have a guide role of wage collective consultations, play a certain influence, one of the pointers of local income and living conditions. Many also demand, give full play to the guiding role of wage guidelines, and strive to improve the implementation effects and social influence of salary guidelines. From the perspective of enterprises, 上海高端茶群 enterprises adjust employee wages, in addition to longitudinally in accordance with the business conditions of the enterprise, and negotiate with employees, they should also be compared to social factors such as local income, price index, etc., allowing workers to be able to compare. Anxint is in the development of enterprises.

To this end, the Sichuan Provincial Human Social Department proposes that enterprises should reasonably improve the level of wage income of corporate employees, especially the first-line employee, and the salary growth should be tilted to key positions, hard positions, and skills. It is worth noting that in addition to adjusting the wage guideline, many regions have increased the minimum wage guarantee level since this year.

For example, Beijing this year’s 18 industries such 上海sn论坛 as food manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry have released industry wage guidance lines. In this regard, the Beijing Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau said that this year’s minimum wage guarantee line is 27,000 yuan / year.

This is the annual level of the minimum wage standard for 2320 yuan / month and the first 7 months of the minimum wage standard for the minimum wage standard, and the previous year is 600 yuan on the basis of 26,400 yuan last year. Enterprises can measure the average wage level of employees this year according to industry salary guidelines. From the "business" to the word "industry", it contains the minimum wage guarantee line.

Introduction to industry experts, the minimum wage standard is mandatory, because Beijing minimum wage does not include allowances, overtime, social security, housing provident fund, overtime, social security, housing provident fund, and regulations according to the state and this city, not included in the minimum wage Other income, so the minimum wage guarantee line of the industry salary guide is only the theoretical lowest value.

When the company actually applies industry wage guidance line, consider the completion of other economic indicators such as enterprises to achieve profits, and also consider the actual growth of employee wages. Under the principle of entering the 2021 corporate wage guide, cooperate with industry wage guidance lines. Adjust it in the same year. (蓉).


Dalian reduced 31 fixed-point pharmaceutical institutions application declaration

Original title: Dalian reducing 31 designated medical institutions application declaration report recently, Dalian Medical Insurance Center reducing 31 fixed-point pharmaceutical institutions, such as 上海喝茶微信 family planning surgery applications, ultra cost dialysis applications, etc. Wait, after the insured person will, the fixed-point medical institution can settle directly according to the policy. By streamlined the process, reduce the development of the designated pharmaceutical institutions, and help the epidemic prevention and control. While canceling the prior audit link, Dalian medical insurance department will focus on strengthening post-monitoring, precise control, and ensuring the safety of medical insurance funds. As the "online medical insurance loan" is online, the medical insurance loan is approximately approval, and the "Net Office" is implemented throughout the process. The maximum credit amount can reach 10 million yuan.

Affected by the epidemic, "Small Micro" designated pharmaceutical institution revenue has greatly reduced significant reduction, and there is difficult to turn around, and it is urgent to finance support. Due to the characteristics of "small" designated pharmaceutical institutions often exist "light assets", it is difficult to provide mortgage guarantees for traditional credit requirements. Dalian medical 上海油压服务论坛 insurance department has shared medical insurance settlement data, helping Commercial Bank to develop "medical insurance loan" to pay for medical insurance. Record good designated pharmaceutical institutions provide low interest rates, unsecured, free-guaranteed credit loans. Up to now, there is 21 "online medical subsidy", and the pre-audit number is 14 million yuan. It has already funded 7 households, with a total of 9.75 million yuan.

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