Wu Hunan Ling: Beautiful Rural Road "accelerate" for rural revitalization

Wu Hunan Ling: Beautiful Rural Road "accelerate" for rural revitalization

Overlooking the Kui Lake Huanhu Highway.

The People’s Network Wang Rui repaired a highway to create a beautiful scenery and rich people.

  "A road, how to repair it better? How can you repair the people better? This is the issue we care about.

"Fan Zhenhua, deputy director of the Nanling County Transportation Bureau, said," We are not just to build the road for the road to repair the road, but we are pursuing benefits and development for the people.

"The full -length Kui Kui Lake is around the provincial Kuihu Wetland Park in Xuzhen Town, Nanling County, Wuhu.

In recent years, the local high standards and comprehensive supervision of the road environment have been supervised, and the construction of highway construction with green mountains and green waters, beautiful and development is a win -win situation, providing solid transportation guarantee for the construction of wealthy, beautiful, and happy New South Tomb.

  The quality of good road conditions is the basis of the most beautiful rural road. Tao Wei, deputy mayor of Xuzhen Town, introduced that Xu Zhenzhen carried out the "centralized rectification action". Concentrate the illegal planting and private reclamation operations along the Kuhu Lake Huanhu Road, and maintain the environment of the road area along Kuihu. At the same time, since 2017, Xuzhen Town has successively completed the procurement and installation of public toilets around Huanhu Road, rebuilt one of Kui Lake through the 205 national water level control gate, 14 new wireless audio pillars, 120 environmentally friendly trash cans, and at the same time. At the same time The 660 LED energy -saving street lamps on both sides of the Huanhu Road, 76 signs of various logo signs, and 12 public welfare signs on the Lake Lake, and the perfect supporting facilities greatly benefited the masses.