Fuzhou Gulou District Procuratorate created a national civilized unit

On November 20th, Fuzhou Gulou District Procuratorate, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, was awarded the title of the 6th "National Civilization Unit" by the Central Civilization Committee.

"This is honor, but also a heavy responsibility. We have to cherish, carefully, to add color to it, so that civilization has become a new engine for high-quality development of prosecution." The secretary of the party group and the procurator . Strive to be "The Star of Drum Testing Civilization" walked into the lobby of the Loufi District Procuratorate, six human forms to achieve their attention. Stop reading, this is the hospital’s national civilized unit, combined with the actual situation of the prosecution, and 6 "Intang Star" selected by the quarterly.

Under the large photo of the "Star of Incentive Civilization", write the advanced deeds of everyone – "In the case of Su Mou and other cases of trouble and Zheng et al., The inspection is issued to the case and the competent department respectively. It is recommended to promote rectification to receive good results … "" The first quarter of this year, the information work is in the city’s first, the province’s second; during the epidemic, as a volunteer in-depth community duty, dispose of the card in accordance with the law, Get the masses like … "Just a few lines of text, or several informative data, mapped out their efforts to fight on their job. "The Star of Intances Civilization" began to selection from 2019, and there 上海上门服会所 were 24 people in each period.

They have departmental person responsible, and the business first-line case prosecutor, and there is also a comprehensive logistic administrator. "They have different positions, duties, but have a common feature: stand firm and high, the sense of service is strong, the first strive is excellent, and the righteousness of the gas is strong.

"The person in charge of the political department of the hospital.

"You can see the display sign of civilized stars every day, the enthusiasm of the flash point and officers, gave me a great encouragement, I secretly determined, I hope I can become a ‘list in the next quarter. "A policeman said, this is the power of civilization, and it is also the leader of culture, and it can feel it in the inspection. It 上海品茶平台 is understood that the hospital is the province’s procuratorial and cultural construction model foundation.

In recent years, they actively explore the subject of cultural education, the procuratorial organ culture into the environment, cultural cohesion to the team game sharp.

Lanes and are rich in elements of cultural corridor, framed fine aphorisms, famous story, warmly decorated Fuzhou City Library and drum inspection branch, first-class city to experience the rule of law education exhibition hall and other cultural sites, all to create the characteristic Attorney atmosphere of culture, so that people feel the drum inspection "close cultural, civilization-depth heart."

In addition, the Drum Tower District Prosecutor’s focus is to increase the level of moral construction of police officers, to carry out normalization of moral 上海长宁喝茶群 lecture, civilization should be aware of testing and other activities. Over authority police officers was "the most beautiful family" "Drum good" and other honors, the theme of micro-video works "Drum seized ingenuity" won the District Civilization "mortal charity" prize solicitation micro-video category the first prize.

"Today, our hospital is already taking shape civilization upward, Zonta for good atmosphere, whether it is outside of the cultural environment, or spiritual civilization with plastic, have played a character cultivation, boost morale and cohesion of the role of the people.

"Jiang Wei said.

He moved the masses with the real intention really the truth, "the ‘red vests’ my mother helped to roadside rest, until his family came to see my mother can exchange the normal ‘red vests’ before returning to duty posts.

"This is the content of the Drum Tower District, Zhongshan community Ms. Zhu described in the letter of thanks. The letter is the story occurred during the Drum Tower District Prosecutor’s Office and police officers Ding into the community to participate in volunteer activities during this year’s epidemic prevention and control.

The "red vests" is just a microcosm of the hospital many party members to join the fight against SARS frontline volunteers.

It is reported that since the outbreak, the hospital 79 party members and police officers bravely assumed the mission, nearly 2,000 passengers sank community to help communities complete temperature measurement, registration information, such as the fight against SARS epidemic prevention propaganda tasks and responsibilities to play drums full interpretation of the human subject, with sincerity, the truth, the true meaning of moving masses, a "division Attorney civilization" public mind.

Let ranks faith stronger, harder style, stricter discipline, the hospital established a "party + civilization" mechanism, promote the "Red pilot project", the issuance of "basic branch Work Act", the establishment secretary, Party Committee, Party branch three joint conference system, innovative "self learning, focused on learning, learning seminars, online learning," the study four methods, carry out the "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission," the theme of education; party building built for cultural Affairs, the introduction of intelligent robots, AR, VR and other technologies to promote interactive learning, practice show party.

Guide prosecutors and police officers make up the calcium spirit, ideals and faith by the party building activities.

Let the flag float up, the hospital has always played a leading cadres "critical minority" take the lead exemplary role. Especially in carrying out anti-crime fight against evil forces, the House leadership in the very front, red in line, do take the lead in the case of difficult and important cases, major, give full play to "Touyan effect."

Gulou District in handling cases involving the Mafia’s first "July 28 The leader of the project", the hospital leadership regularly organize analysis judged to guide police officers give full play to the leading prosecutorial responsibility, to appear in court to support the prosecution, the case handled achieve political effect, legal and social unified effect, with the construction of the rule of law to protect and promote social civilization. To play a leading role in party building, to consolidate the achievements of civilization. Fuzhou hospital has won the advanced grassroots party organizations, district party building advanced units and so on, "the guardian of justice" party brand was named "Top Ten Party building brand Gulou District."

The features bright highlights to do "in this case the defendant Lee selling counterfeit Guizhou Maotai, these wines through the company’s reception, personal consumption, etc. are no specific references to people, not against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers of specific social and public interests are harmed." This year October 17, the Drum tower District Prosecutor’s Office on the city’s first case of infringement of intellectual property rights criminal with a civil public interest litigation cases to prosecute, to be relief for damage to the public interest, to guide the operator integrity management, writing and justice tension civilization. Jiang Wei said, to create a national civilized units, is to use higher standards and stricter requirements for first-class performance to produce more high-quality products the rule of law and the prosecution product, so that the people get to have more sense, more real happiness and a stronger sense of security. This is the hospital to create a national civilized units starting point and ending point. "Quality inspection drum" in order to promote the construction of the hospital around the "Four Attorney ‘function, to create a number of quality of prosecutorial products, and create stable, stable environment for economic and social development of civilization districts, intellectual property prosecution, procuratorial minors , 12309 prosecutorial services, and so has become a star Attorney business card.

Attorney intellectual property rights such as hospital will serve as a "six steady," "six guarantees", high-quality economic and social development of an important starting point, take the initiative to join the big intellectual property services, to create "1 + 1 + N" service pattern, built Intellectual Property Attorney legal services center, independent research and development of intellectual property legal services Attorney "cloud platform", and the establishment of prosecutorial service and room service windows in a number of high-tech parks and key enterprises, innovation and precision docking needs.

At the same time, deep plowing case handling, enhance the quality of work, the results of the investigators selected 2019 National IPR protection typical case, "Attorney-quality services to enhance the innovation and development of enterprise intellectual property" was selected for the construction of a new era of grass-roots procuratorates typical example.

Check the quality of light, it does highlight the characteristics of light. According to the actual situation of educational resources gathering area, the hospital built in the province of minors prosecutions display platform, follow the socialization of minors protection needs, promote the establishment of the Drum Tower District "Protection of Minors community", bullying around campus network security field, the "protecting Children sail" action. 6 prosecutor appointed to vice president of the rule of law Yan’an Middle School, Elementary School Drum Tower experiment, the rule of law counselor, forming a "youth drum seized propaganda teams" to carry out various forms of legal education activities, help safe campus.

According to reports, since the creation of the National civilized units, the hospital has 32 collectives and 56 individuals were commended above the provincial level, the emergence of a "province excellent prosecutor" and a number of key business experts and investigators. "Civilization is no best, only better, we have been on the road.

"Jiang Wei said.

(Zhangren Ping Cheng Wen Tang Jia Kun) (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Qiao flowers).